1. Furthermore, your budget is a major part of your windy patio solution. Many choose various wind block methods by arranging plants and shrubs in their patios and balconies to help minimize the wind. Even if your deck or balcony is covered, choosing all-weather, water-resistant lights might be the safest way to go. In particular, the top bar (called the headrail) that the blinds hang from and slide along is usually not more than a solid strip of plastic. Here’s a list of our top 5 recommendations for windbreak and privacy screen solutions: 1. Let’s take a look at some windy patio solutions to make life much more relaxing outside. Read up about plants that are more susceptible to wind rock. Also, building a wooden blocking wall could be cheap if you use free recycled wood, such as pallets of other free wood that you could have found on the marketplace in your local area. Place Wood/Resin Privacy Screens (temporary walls), 7. They usually have a height of 6-8 feet. For success in a windy location, take a two-pronged approach: choose wind-resistant plants (see our list below) and create shelter. One of the first solutions most balcony gardeners will come up with is to try to block the wind by using panels or fabric of some type. The AGPL Artificial Hedge Wall is a great decorative piece to place on a patio to defend against the wind. Worldwide animated weather map, with easy to use layers and precise spot forecast. If you want to relax on the balcony, you need some ideas on how you can block the wind. Whatever the choice, it’s important to keep in mind the main purpose or the requirement, which is to minimize those winds blowing into your patio. On a bad day, the wind may cause broken branches or even blow poorly-established plants out of the ground. If the first two options are not possible on your windy balcony garden, you have one final option: grow wind-tolerant plants. Nevertheless, they are great when it comes to keeping out wind, and also providing loads of privacy. This can be a wooden trellis or wall that is securely buried or cemented into the ground. A strong gust of wind will topple over tall, skinny containers much easier than short, squat plant containers. When you consider this specific purpose, you might have to narrow down your choices and think about what the most suitable and practical options are so that you achieve the desired outcome once the wall has been set up. //-->, Copyright 2010-2018 BalconyContainerGardening.com. Windy balcony problem. Conclusion on Windy Patio solutions. Balcony Garden Ideas And Solutions Garden365. These freestanding screens often come in wooden designs to suit any setting in the outdoors and are quite stylish, too. You should be able to find them in standard, solid colors like black or dark brown. In Lawn & Garden by JamieApril 30, 2020Leave a Comment. The reason is that you cannot simply take down the shade if it becomes windy. This would keep the plant from falling over, making it a great windy patio solution. These hedge walls are a wall of artificial foliage erected to work as a blocker, but naturally qualifies as decoration, too. A breezy garden can be healthy, as air circulation helps prevent diseases associated with fungus, and it also aids in plant pollination. These screens are great for concealment too if you want to hide any mess in the area from public view. W hat should we plant on the windy south-east facing first-floor balcony of our new house near, but not on, the seafront in Devon. Do some soul-searching to figure out what function you want that place to serve. When you do so, you might realize, for instance, that a woodblock fence might be a more suitable solution than having glass walls or hedge walls. 118” L x 63" H Folding Retractable Side Awning Wall, Cut View and Add a Private Space, Waterproof & UV-resistant Sun Shade All-Aluminum Wind Screen Easy-Assembled & Pole Post Mounted, Gray They can also slide the retractable glass open easily for fresh air on those beautiful summer days. Why is My Grass Turning Yellow and Dying? You can also do a DIY wooden plant pot which can be bracketed to the patio floor. Solid surfaces can be picked up by the wind more easily than those with openings. Hats off to Perth in the sunshine department (we average eight sun-drenched hours a day), but if there’s one thing we Perth-siders can count on all year-round? The most affordable solutions are:eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thebackyardpros_com-box-4','ezslot_13',116,'0','0'])); These 3 ideas are under $100, of course that depends on the product and types, but for the most part they are available under the one hundred dollar price tag. The options are numerous, as you could choose the type of wood as well as the style of your fence. Secondly, concrete pots are believed to be safer for plants. They are usually about 3 feet tall, and work quite well as a shade provider, too. Have them lined up close together so it works better in keeping winds out effectively. Keep this in mind, particularly when those dreaded winds and gusts are a bigger concern than having stylish furniture in your patio. These plants may block some light, so plants that you grow next to them will need to be lower-light plants. Harsh winds in gardens can damage and dehydrate plants (prevent dehydration by properly watering your container plants). Vertical blinds are convenient and wonderful for privacy, but some people find them rather unattractive. I have a lovely South facing, top floor terrace - which is unfortunately very windy. Nevertheless, the best thing to do is to assess your specific setting and your environment because it’s never going to be the same as someone else’s. Just stand it up and fold it to the desired shape. They are made from strong, durable fabric that’s UV and water resistance. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-2993162440861364"; You might want horizontal bars with a glossy look, or vertically erected bars with a beautiful, matte finish. Planting trees and shrubs in concrete pots seem to be the most effective method so far. Living wind screens can be extremely effective in shielding a patio from wind -- and because many building codes don't put height restrictions on hedges and shrubs as they do for fencing, you can create a taller screen that provides even more protection for the patio. Once you’ve got your deck and pergola, the next step is to enclose the sides with a windbreak. This is our second favorite for the best wind resistant awning. If you enjoy breakfast outdoors then you will know how annoying it is when a gust of wind blows away tablecloths, napkins and newspapers. Use rope, zip ties, or something to keep them standing sturdy in wind. Make sure to use large and heavy containers, otherwise the wind will blow the container and the pot over. Glass walls right around patios are becoming a common sight. You can choose between 9 different colors, while some options are stripes. My apartment faces the BQE and it's noisy. Sue Marling and Fay Sweet’s Suffolk garden is in a windy area, but it is colourful and feels sheltered. Help with very windy balcony/terrace. Using a fence windscreen gives privacy and reduces wind flowing around your home totally. Whether it’s your yard, poolside, patio, or massive construction site, these are great for privacy and blockage.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'thebackyardpros_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_10',115,'0','0'])); If you have a low patio, usually in your backyard where you have additional land, you could have a fence all around. My name is Jamie, The Backyard Pros is a website where I piece together articles about all my awesome yard ideas. For Growing Edibles On Windy Balconies What To Plant A. They vary in size, but organize higher … Thousands of High-Quality Landscaping Designs and Instructions. It's also freaking cold out now, and being on the 6th floor, it's very windy on the balcony. It's crucial to use plants that flourish and enjoy growing in windy … It can be very windy or drafty on the balcony. Each technique is different in terms of how it’s set up and how it works. google_ad_height = 200; They may come in a dropdown style, roller style, and a few others. Additionally, they are convenient because they can be removed and put back whenever needed, some styles easier than others. ... Balcony Garden Ideas And Solutions Garden365. You just want to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, but the wind just makes relaxation impossible. Some companies may offer interesting options to customize designs to suit your specific context and requirements.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thebackyardpros_com-box-3','ezslot_11',113,'0','0'])); The Tang Privacy Fence Screen is my favorite choice. We need help shading our deck (part of our deck), which is in a very windy area. But when a nice breeze becomes harsh wind, problems arise. Archive View Return to standard view. It's on the 6th floor and has a balcony... which has an unobstructed, amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. Even though all of the above options are generally effective solutions, you need to take a good look at your area, and consider every little aspect. Do not buy the taller plants in the nursery. Setting them up is not hard if you manage to get the good stuff from the right places. But when the breeze becomes wind, problems arise. 5. The balcony windows are windows which open up into the fresh and beautiful view. Adding windbreakers are the ideal solution to the windy outdoor problems. Dear Houzzers! The greenery provides full coverage of the supporting frame. Illustration of vortex-induced vibration (VIV) across a structural member. Despite its standard designs and features, a couple of them may have special features and properties to withstand varying atmospheric conditions, and also to keep out strong winds effectively. If you have a wind problem in your balcony garden (this is common on balconies on tall city buildings), you have several options for dealing with the wind. Dormant Grass vs Dead Grass | What’s the Difference? The foliage or greenery used is most of the time eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and does not cause inconvenience of any sort. Shade Solutions for Your Home Balcony These days it may be that a balcony is the only outside space an apartment or home has. After some research on the best types of plants for this purpose, I found Bamboo, Frangula, and Houseleeks (Hens and Chicks) are found to be effective in controlling winds owing to their various properties and physical structures. April 1, 2013. Some wind-tolerant plants include Japanese anemone, coreopsis, penstemons, mondo grass and other ornamental grasses, phlox, bamboo, heather, holly, azaleas and more. I think it works great against the wind, but what I like is that you can use it when needed. Tall plants on the balcony offers a visual as well as protect the privacy aspects. Café Blinds/Drop Curtains. If you have a lot of light and your balcony can hold a lot of weight, set up a row of heavy plant containers with tall, strong, woody plants, such as boxwoods, holly or rosemary plants. If you stick a trellis in a plant container and expect it to decrease wind, you’re just going to end up with a blown-over trellis and many broken plant stems. We purchased an 11 foot (double-vented) offset patio umbrella that we weighted down with approximately 500lbs on our deck. Deck and Balcony LED Lights: The Basics It’s always best to look for LEDs that can withstand the elements when you’re looking for outdoor lighting. Each idea on this list costs something, some more than others. If your apartment manager allows it, you may be able to secure a trellis or windscreen to the side railings of your balcony. The fence can run around the patio area to block out winds and prevent them from interrupting normal activity and enjoyment at the patio. One of the best things about glass walls would be that you can completely keep the wind out, while still having plenty of light and enjoying the beautiful views from your patio. Hi! Feel free to comment any of your own windy patio solution ideas below. I didnt realise it was a problem until we started to put things on the balcony. Some of these methods have proven to be effective, particularly lining potted plants around the patio or balcony areas. If you are looking for proper, complete coverage around your patio, you might want to take a look at windscreens for fences. Solutions for a Windy Balcony Garden. All awesome balcony garden ideas start with a vision and a plan. As you can see, there are several options and techniques you can use to prevent this issue. Need to protect existing plants in the garden? ... Balconies can also get windy so large planters are a must in most cases of balcony garden ideas. Plants with wide bases and narrow leaves that originally come from arid climates are generally good plants to grow in a windy balcony garden. The plants which love the conditions – the low-growing Alchemilla mollis and the tall spikes of Phlomis russeliana, along with salvias, have spread. The most affordable solutions are: deck fence screens (Number 1) Temporary Wall (Number 5) Potted Shrubs (Number 6) A windscreen suitable for the balcony is one of the options. Many people opt for hefty furniture, like outdoor sectional sofas, for a good reason. They are also highly resistant to fading, which helps the fence last longer despite strong sunny weather or frequent, heavy rains. It can be a full glass wall or it can part of the deck, acting as a glass railing.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'thebackyardpros_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',114,'0','0'])); Maintenance is quite easy as you could use water and soap on the panels to wipe them clean, or simply window cleaners. You may also want to make sure that you find plants of the desired height and not those that are too short, for effective protection. Top 5 Windbreaks Ideas for Your Deck, Patio or Balcony.