The postmark reveals that it comes from the city of Ephesus. St. Paul seems to have regarded himself as responsible, in addition to the churches he established, for all the churches he knew (2 Cor 11:28) and corresponded with them. 10. I - THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST, AND "JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH" PAUL'S EAGERNESS TO SHARE THE GOSPEL WITH THE CHRISTIANS OF ROME . of Paul and see how the solution to the problems that were given—identified by Christ to the churches— are actually given in the Epistles of Paul. 1 Corinthians: Church Problems (A.D. 55) Paul writes this letter to solve problems of manners, morals, and beliefs within the church. These churches were in different stages of maturity and all needed instruction from the great apostle. It was dispatched to Ephesus through his co-worker Tychicus, along with the letters to the Colossians and to … That’s a pretty intense reading schedule, given that Paul’s arguments can be a real pain to follow. Most scholars agree that it is a geographical reference to the Roman province in central Asia Minor, which had been settled by immigrant Celts in the 270s BC and retained Gaulish features of culture and language in Paul's day. Delivered at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama, on 4 November 1956. Logistics: specific instructions, greetings, etc.Paul’s writings on application are usually rather general. They believe the implication in these passages is that only men can be church leaders. However, the Spirit of God and the purpose of the Scriptures make them as applicable today as they were nearly two thousand years ago when the apostle originally penned them. This reading plan should get you through the seven authentic letters of Paul in 30 days based on The Authentic Letters of Paul. Nine of Paul’s letters were addressed to local churches in certain areas of the Roman empire. Paul went through Macedonia into Achaea [Acts 20:1–2] and stayed in Greece, probably Corinth, … These are direct letters from Christ to the churches—direct letters—because He tells them right here, Revelation 1:19: “Write the things that you saw, and the things that are, and the things that shall take place hereafter. This is the summary of Paul's letters as provided by Shane L. during our study into these letters. Your email address will not be published. Both are the source of divine grace and peace. St. Paul seems to have regarded himself as responsible, in addition to the churches he established, for 'all the churches' he knew (2 Cor 11:28) and corresponded with them. The Jerusalem Bible suggests that the letter to the church in Philippi was also written from Ephesus. He was not one to be trifled with, but Jesus had no fear. I would like to share with you an imaginary letter from the pen of the Apostle Paul. Hope of the Resurrection: Besides encouraging the church, Paul wrote this letter to correct some doctrinal errors regarding the resurrection. 1: 1-7 Greetings from Paul, an Apostle of the Gospel of the risen Christ, son of God - also 1: 7 Blessings and prayers . Letter of Paul to the Romans, sixth book of the New Testament and the longest and doctrinally most significant of Saint Paul the Apostle’s writings. The Apostle Paul who wrote two-thirds of the New Testament in epistle form employed yet embellished and expanded upon the Greco-Roman model of his day. With few exceptions, these letters were written in response to conditions that existed in the particular churches with which Paul was associated. (Many first-century churches met in homes that were hosted and cared for by the householder.) The First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, probably written about 53–54 ce at Ephesus, Asia Minor, deals with problems that arose in the early years after Paul’s initial missionary visit (c. 50–51) to Corinth and his establishment there of a Christian community.The letter is valuable for its illuminations both of Paul’s thoughts and of the problems of the early church. 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Not until some time passed after Paul's death were these letters circulated among the churches and read along with the Old Testament Scriptures as a part of regular worship services. His first missionary journey (circa AD 46-49) takes him through central Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey); in his second journey (circa AD 50-52), he returns to this area and pushes into Greece; and his third missionary trip (circa AD 53-58) revisits all of these same areas. The apostle Paul was primarily responsible for spreading the Gospel to the Gentiles. The Problems. With this pack, filled with the best of evangelical scholarship, you are guaranteed to deepen your understanding of the New Testament. Doctrine: what Christians should know 2. Some say that there is just one church in Philippi because Paul wrote a letter to them, but it is actually to the saints in Christ who are in Philippi. These letters are named after those to whom they are addressed —whether an individual or the members of a particular congregation. Why was it written? On the whole, these epistles tend to deal with three general issues: 1. Empowered, The Amazing Church of Jesus Christ, Who is Jesus? Jeopardy game: At the end of Paul’s Letters to the Churches, spend time reviewing the entire set with a fun Jeopardy review game. You will learn more about Jesus’ redemptive mission in the world, better understand the beliefs and practices of the Christian church, and even grow in your personal relationship with God. Because they lacked foundational teachings, the Thessalonian believers were confused about what would happen to those who died prior to the return of Christ. The remaining books of the New Testament contain letters written by early Christian leaders and taken by messengers to the new churches recently established across the Roman world. /*