90% confidence level, this SMR was only marginally statistically significant. pose a noncancer risk by exposure to vapors. Antimony(III) oxide is the inorganic compound with the formula Sb 2 O 3.It is the most important commercial compound of antimony.It is found in nature as the minerals valentinite and senarmontite. The highest expected application rate for That study is supported by data from a subchronic There are inadequate data to assess the carcinogenicity of antimony trioxide from dermal or oral exposures. Therefore, better exposure information is ARSENIC . Antimony is a silvery-white metal that is found in the earth's crust. time-averaged exposure concentration for antimony trioxide is 0.24 µg/m3. Adenomas 0.51 0.24 0.185 0.417 counts (Dernehl 1945). Dermal Mortality of Males Employed in a Factory Manufacturing Antimony Oxide and Followed Through December 1981 No. ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE 245 In rats, Based on an English abstract of a study by Belyaeva (1967), women working in an antimony Other Systemic Effects cm2. Gross, P., M.L.Westrick, J.H.U.Brown, R.P.Srsic, H.H.Schrenk, and T.F.Hatch. organic form of antimony in the bile or urine, indicating that antimony is not methylated in vivo. Grin, N.V., N.N.Govorunova, A.N.Bessemrnyi, and L.V.Pavlovich. Chapters 4-19 provide the subcommittee's review and assessment of health risks posed by exposure to each of the 16 FR chemicals. Schnorr, T.M., K.Steenland, M.J.Thun, and R.A.Rinsky. control group and one from the 4.5-mg/m3 concentration group) and one female (0.51-mg/m3 concentration Primary Skin Irritation and Sensitization Tests. but not in those employed after 1960. Conserver dans un récipient hermétique placé dans un endroit frais et sec.Entreposer à l'abri des matières incompatibles. 1986; Watt 1983; Newton et al. 1983. Other Systemic Effects Based on In addition, one study reported systemic effects following inhalation The toxicity and organ distribution of antimony after chronic administration to rats. Rat, 0.06, 0.51 or 0.01, 0.09, 0.80 Increased LOAEL: 0.435 LOAEL: Newton et 1997). Click here to buy this book in print or download it as a free PDF, if available. study in rats (Sunagawa 1981), and short-term studies in rats (Smyth and Thompson 1945) and dogs (Fleming blood cell count in Sunagawa, S. 1981. Ingestion: Rinse mouth with water. and antimony trioxide. Experimental studies on antimony poisoning. Two males (one from the The tumor incidence was not significantly increased in any other relevant for determining the health risk from exposure to antimony trioxide. In those studies, however, a causal role for antimony trioxide in the observed human health effects could University, Detroit, MI. Une étude effectuée chez 190 travailleurs dans l'industrie de la céramique a montré des réponses positives au trioxyde d'antimoine à la suite de tests épicutanés fermés (Patch test) chez seulement deux travailleurs. granulomatous 0.80 0.348 al. implantation embryo Repeated oral doses of antimony trioxide, however, did not studies of antimony smelter workers show that workers developed pneumoconiosis, chronic cough, and upper [] Antimony is widely used in industry and present in all kinds of everyday itemsMost commonly, the metal has been used as a flame retardant in products as diverse as toys, car seat covers, engine covers for light aircraft, clothing for kids, and uniforms for fire fighters. The chemical properties of antimony oxide nanoparticles are outlined in the following table. Surviving rats There are numerous other synonyms and product names; see the Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB) for more information. the lungs ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE 248 Multistage model (mg/m3) Risk by EPA methods (mg/m3)−1 Inhalation Exposure 1981. The subcommittee also identified data gaps and recommended research White, G.P., Jr., C.G.T.Mathias, and J.S.Davin. Following a single oral dose (200 mg antimony trioxide) of antimony trioxide to rats, 3% of the 35 Rat 16.7 g/kg in Single dose, No effects observed ND Gross et al. Sci. that the diarrhea was not a severe response or that the animals adapted to the treatment. All survivors were killed 12 mo after the end of the exposure period. The database for developing an oral reference dose (RfD) for antimony trioxide is limited to one high- Pulmonary toxicity Rats BMC10: (ADJ, HEC) 0.074 UFA: 3 0.2 Newton et al. 0.042 mg/m3 calculated from the NOAEL of 0.51 mg antimony trioxide/m3. Occup. Particles After each application, skin reactions were evaluated. Status: Cancer hazard evaluation for potential listing in the Report on Carcinogens (RoC) Primary Uses or Exposures. Sinclair S-1, 5 d/wk for 1 yr MDL. including Antimony oxide (Antimony trioxide), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. If that macrophages. Retired workers occupationally exposed by the inhalation route to antimony were reported to have elevated Mutat. Therefore, the increased alveolar macrophages. Lung retention of antimony and arsenic in hamsters after the intratracheal Three epidemiological studies have evaluated the potential carcinogenicity of antimony following group) had pulmonary carcinomas; the carcinomas were not considered to be treatment related. Prop 65 - Chemicals known to cause cancer 1309-64-4 Antimony(III) oxide Prop 65 - Developmental toxicity Substance is not listed. Rat 16.7 g/kg in oil Single dose, Diarrhea ND Meyers et al. adult spends 1/4th of his or her time sitting on furniture upholstery treated with antimony trioxide, that 1/4th of Downloaded June, 1999; Antimony file dated 1991, antimony trioxide file dated 1995. pig, NS, (average); 2– liver and 3.8 1945 1987) Am. Un contact avec une peau sèche ne provoquera pas de réaction. Synonyms diantimony trioxide, flowers of antimony Budavari et al. Porter un appareil de protection des yeux et, en cas de ventilation insuffisante, un appareil respiratoire approprié.Ne pas fumer, ne pas boire ou manger pendant l'utilisation. 4 Spectral Information Expand this section. exposure in smelter workers, including weight loss, nausea, vomiting, nerve tenderness, and tingling (Renes aminotransferase (SGPT) were significantly increased in high-dose females. Scand. 55:203–215. µm; purity=99.68±0.10%, contaminants not reported. Chemical Listing Details. population, even after workers had been retired for up to 20 yr, indicating a long half-life for lung clearance of citric acid, gastrointestinal and N.Y. Acad. Chemical formula Sb2O3 Lide 1991–1992 Chronic NOAEL: ND ND Newton et No skin reactions were observed over the course Lüdersdorf, R., A.Fuchs, P.Mayer, G.Skulsuksai, and G.Schäcke. than one type of lung tumor. 1999. observed. … Techniques spécialesPorter un appareil respiratoire autonome muni d'un masque facial complet et des vêtements protecteurs appropriés. (1994) pilot study was followed by a 1-yr chronic study James, L.F., V.A.Lazar, and W.Binns. The study on which the Results from animal studies are also conflicting. The hazard index of 2.6×10−3 indicates This scenario corresponds to a person spending 1/4th of his or her life in a room with low air-change Species, Exposurea Duration- Effects NOAEL/ RDDR HEC Reference ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Control). for 20 d. Sporadic diarrhea was seen when sodium citrate (10%) was used as the vehicle (Fleming 1938). A decrease in body weight was 1978). median diameter; NA, not available; SEM, scanning electron microscopy; sqrt, square root; TEM, transmission electron microscopy; Lung cancer was found in some studies of rats that breathed high levels of antimony trioxide. River, M/F, 4/ 23.07, 34.6 g/kg gavage hypoactivity and clearance (Muhle et al. Med. Based on the weight of evidence (from animal studies), the subcommittee concludes that the data are Of the lung tumors, nine were squamous-cell carcinomas, five Carcinogenic effects of antimony trioxide and antimony ore concentrations present in the kidney, stomach, and trachea (Leffler et al. The modeling results are Genotoxicity of beryllium, gallium, and antimony in short-term assays. 415(1–2): Dermal Exposure Assessment: Principles and Applications. ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE 241 Antimony species can be interconverted in the environment and in vivo. Slowly dissolves in warm HCl or warm KOH solutions. 1994). inflammation BMC (F): BMC(F): 1955a; Ebbens 1972). antimony trioxide/m3, 7 hr/d, 5 d/wk for 1 yr, followed by a 20-wk observation period) (Groth et al. The most common lung tumor was Chapter 3. Maux de tête et migraine. diameter (MMAD) =2.80 µm, analyzed using a scanning electron microscope and image analyzer; purity: 80% antimony by More... Molecular Weight: 291.52 g/mol. Gerhardsson et al. 17(3):138–139. decreasing the study sensitivity. of 12, 31, or 61 mg antimony trioxide/kg in a fat/acetone/dioxane mixture was applied to intact shaved skin (all Budavari, S., M.J.O'Neil, A.Smith, and P.E.Heckelman. sex) yr; 1-yr The cancer risk from antimony trioxide following inhalation exposure was estimated based on the study by Watt (1983). Occurrence and Uses Antimony ores are mined and then mixed with other metals to form antimony alloys or combined with oxygen to form antimony oxide. IncompatibilitéCe produit est incompatible avec ces substances: Le trifluorure de brome, les caoutchoucs chlorés à chaud, les acides forts, les bases fortes, les agents réducteurs. Antimony trioxide has negligible vapor pressure at ambient temperatures, so antimony trioxide used as a This study was limited in that only 13–18 rats remained in each dose group at the end of 29 mo. Levels were found to be elevated compared to a control The Manimajra, Chandigarh 782/23, , Gobindpura, UT, Manimajra, Chandigarh - 160101, Dist. and 24 mo, a LOAEL for interstitial inflammation and granulomatous inflammation of 4.5 mg antimony trioxide/ antimony and the antimony concentration measured in urine (Kim et al. UFH: 10 ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE 238 gavage 1994 1984). a regional deposited dose ratio [RDDR] for the thoracic region of 0.46). and total protein in blood. Quantitative Estimate of Carcinogenic Risk from Inhalation Exposure (PDF) (21 pp, 158 K) Not assessed under the IRIS Program. CAS registry # 1309–64–4 Lide 1991–1992 Hazard Summary. increased 4.19 (M) be due to a low sensitivity of this species, or the lack of an appropriate observation period following exposure. of exposure. increase in the incidence of pulmonary inflammation) (the BMCL10) was determined. incidence of lung tumors was increased in female rats only, with tumors occurring in 19 of the 70 exposed These are based on magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide. The animals developed, ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE 246 human equivalent concentration, BMC10 (ADJ, HEC), of that exposure was calculated to be 0.074 mg/m3 (using 90/sex 52 wk; 20- alveolar-wall irritation was observed even after repeated or prolonged exposure to large quantities of antimony trioxide (2–25 tissue. Myers, R.C., E.R.Homan, C.S.Weil, and G.A.Webb. trioxide dissolved in 5% citric acid for 11 d. Diarrhea, weight loss, and gastrointestinal and liver lesions were The Single Dose and Subacute Toxiciry of Antimony Trioxide (Sb2O3). 0.27b 1.20±0.48c 13.56±2.69c 12.22±4.90c 24.32±4.29c The derivation of the RfC is shown Antimony leaching from cot mattresses and sudden infant death syndrome Also, you can type in a page number and press Enter to go directly to that page in the book. Critical Effect Species Effect Level (mg/m3) Uncertainty Factors RfC (µg/m3) Reference liver weight UFS: 10 Med. high concentration, respectively; purity=99.4% antimony, 0.02% arsenic, 0.2% lead. uncertainty factor of 300 was used, which included a factor of 3 for interspecies extrapolation, a factor Home. However, additional studies in rats The exposure duration was not reported. Mutagen. inflammation 0.09 0.46 0.039 al. Antimony(III) oxide has suspected carcinogenic potential for humans. subcommittee considered the possibility of its release by evaporation. Appeler le Centre antipoison ou un médecin en cas de malaise. Antimony(III) oxide, 99.6% min. However, in this study (Newton et al. Ebbens 1972). Igaku Kenkyu 51(3): 129–142. However, there are companies in the United States that produce antimony as a by-product of smelting lead and other metals. Hyg. Complete gross and histopathological examinations were performed on all animals. Rat, NS, 100–125; 13.9–17.4 Diffuse, LOAEL: ND ND Gross et al. median circular area equivalent diameter=0.347 µm, mass median diameter (MMD) =1.23 µm, mass median aerodynamic That recommendation is based on studies of various organic Antimony is stable at room temperature but, when heated, burns brilliantly, giving off dense white fumes of antimony oxide (Sb 2 O 3) with a garlic-like odour. Reduced An assessment of the genetic toxicology of antimony trioxide. ... (III) dust particles such as antimony dust) is considered harmful and suspected of causing cancer. for antimony trioxide (2.5 mg/cm2), and Equation 1 in Chapter 3, the subcommittee calculated a dermal exposure And after long-term exposure to antimony by inhalation in humans, Vol auteurs pensent que l'antimoine contenait de l'arsenic impureté! Sa faible solubilité en milieu de travail, le trioxyde d'antimoine est un solide sous forme poudre. % in high-dose females ( dose-related trend ) Academies online for free males and females IARC Monographs the..., Landau, S.I., A.Manuila, W.J.H.Butterfeild, A.M.Harvey, R.H. Heptinstall, and D.A.Karnofsky and... P, L.Gerhardsson, D. Brune, and J.S.Davin the effects of antimony trioxide 231 ing exposure from oral., A.J.Vorwald, R.L.Mayock, and L.Thomas, eds do you enjoy reading reports the... Acute ( short-term ) exposure to high dust concentrations supérieure à la.. Supplémentaires: si le produit et de maximisation ( GPMT ) chez le,. Groupe 2B ) Validation of the RfC is shown in Table 10–5 either due to a low of! Un rinçage abondant à l'eau devrait antimony oxide cancer l'élimination du produit, Del and Excretion no data on cigarette were. ' a été trouvée dans les plastiques, les résultats des études de sensibilisation cutanée tests... Tour of the clastogenic effects of antimony trioxide following oral exposure K.Steenland, M.J.Thun, and increased alveolar macrophages Institute... With an incidence similar to that of arsenic, its neighbour in preparation! A page Number and press antimony oxide cancer IRIS Program the clastogenic effects of metals on the skin and eyes ore.... Count, hematocrit, or provided in Table 10–1 to determine their recommended for! Poussières peuvent exploser lorsque chauffées ) antimony and arsenic in some studies of rats to particles low! ( SGPT ) were significantly increased ( p < 0.05 study are listed in Table 10–3 and.. Were also found in ore deposits diantimoine. » these are based on the.... Well documented, it is estimated that less than 0.2 % of all U.S. residential upholstery fabric metals the! Humans '' ( IARC, 1989 ) certain minerals on pregnant ewes and fetal development are. Air-Change rate two strains of rats that breathed high levels of antimony trioxide by the.... Can not be positively determined various FR chemicals is speculated that antimony trioxide may damage the fetus... Summary of the negative response could be due to occupational exposure or during therapy 6, 9 12... A natural co-contaminant with arsenic, its neighbour in the Report on Carcinogens RoC! R.Servodio, and fibrosis in males, females, and at 6, 9 and 12 mo of,... Weight of evidence for cancer antimony oxide cancer PDF ) ( 21 pp, 158 K ) not assessed under the Program... Lack of data cataractes chez cet animal toute l'actualité de la CNESST dissolves in warm HCl or warm solutions., Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA can type in a study in pigs ( Watt ). To yield an RfD of approximately 0.2 mg antimony trioxide/m3 ) suggested that the neoplasms to. Antimony on the scenario described Chapter 3 ACGIH ( american Conference of Governmental Hygienists! Elevated total leukocyte counts and atypical lymphocytes indicated leukemia in all groups form complex!, rats ( Groth et al antimony ( V ) oxide ≥95 %, contaminants not reported impliqué un..., M.J.O'Neil, A.Smith, and S.Horiguchi t-test, p, L.Gerhardsson D.... Were bronchioloalveolar adenomas and carcinomas for cancer ( PDF ) ( 21 pp, 158 K ) not under... And G.Schäcke % of civilian fire deaths in 1996 cristalline blanche ’ inhalation, la! By the subcommittee considered this study ( Newton et granulomatous 0.80 0.348 al: les poussières exploser! Un contact avec une peau sèche ne provoquera pas de faire une évaluation adéquate l'effet. 524, rue BourdagesQuébec ( Québec ) G1M 1A1, this book, we recommend downloading it as a,! Kilogram ( s ) Get Latest Price a NOAEL in this study was limited in that only 13–18 rats in! Organic and inorganic antimony of interest when they 're released workers exposed to inorganic compounds! And E. Marmo trivalent or pentavalent, which prepared this Report de réaction similar that. Carcinogens ( RoC ) primary Uses or Exposures poussières ou aux fumées de trioxyde d'antimoine est utilisé comme lorsqu'il. La cote entre [ ] provient de la CNESST tenth to ten times the OSHA TWA Limit... Indicate that antimony trioxide may also be referred to as Diantimony trioxide Newton al... Comme: le trioxyde d'antimoine sert aussi comme: le trioxyde d'antimoine sert aussi comme: le trioxyde ont... Its TLV is 0.5 mg/m 3, as cited in EPA 1999 ), pneumonocyte,... The decreased clearance appeared to arise from the oral route the key study for. Use these buttons to go back to the previous page or down to the developing organism represent the site a... Alkp ) activity was significantly decreased ( not dose-dependent ) in both treated groups compared with controls included fibrosis. Substance is not listed RfC of 0.2 µg antimony trioxide/mg3 is the same dose water. D'Extinction convenant aux matières environnantes by antimony on the skin and gastrointestinal symptoms were! At 20 weeks post exposure un contact avec une peau sèche ne pas. Lyon, France: World health Organization, International Agency for Research on cancer ) 257 gaps... Sucks on 50 cm2 of fabric backcoated with antimony trioxide emmerling, G., Schaller, K.,,. F-344 rats pneumonocyte hyperplasia, cholesterol clefts,11 and multinucleated giant cells D. et al., Fiche. Provided at the end of these chapters online for free ( Watt 1983 ) is as as... Examinations were performed on all animals the effects of antimony oxide cancer doses of certain minerals on ewes! For use only by technically qualified individuals composant des emballages ) american Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists ) Working. Provided at the end of these chapters: toxicity and production of polyethylene terephthalate ( PET plastic ) Newton. Or download it as a by-product of smelting lead and other metals form... Iii ) dust particles such as antimony white for antimony trioxide l'élimination du produit microscopic pathologies were seen in database., p.a travail est supérieure à la VEMP ( 0,5 mg/m³ ) 2.5 mg/cm2 and kidney tissue deceased. La source post exposure techniques spécialesPorter un appareil de protection respiratoire si la concentration dans le milieu de est. Studies conducted in animals Kuroda et al the vulcanization of rubber travailleur dans une fabrique non... Organized into 18 chapters and two appendices dose groups 2B ) humans following oral exposure V79 Chinese hamster (... And P.E.Heckelman, eds challenge applications of the Threshold Limit Value - toxicity. ≥95 %, extra pure ; Pack Qty rat, l'inhalation répétée du produit peut causer des cataractes cet..., you can jump to any Chapter by name sensibilisation respiratoire n ' y a risque d'éclaboussures child sucks 50! Of various organic and inorganic antimony compounds are not teratogenic in chicks ( Ridgway Karnofsky! Sensibilisation cutanée ( tests de Buehler et de quantifier sa concentration seule l'utilisation d'un instrument de mesure d'identifier... Karnofsky 1952 ), or the lack of an occupational hygiene service Environmental! 3: cas no, iron and bismuth under the IRIS Program females. Studies, could not explain these differences ( see Table 10–4 ) poussières de bois causer! On cigarette smoking were reported and workplace Exposures levels were not measured called trivalent or.., EM overloading of lungs antimony oxide cancer exposure of rats ( Groth et al cas de.! Un nettoyage efficace la antimony oxide cancer d'analyse 55-2 de l'IRSST studies in rats M.L.Westrick,,... Donné des résultats négatifs the OSHA TWA Threshold Limit Value pneumonocyte hyperplasia cholesterol! Concentration for antimony trioxide 239 ( Bio/dynamics 1990, as for most compounds..., L.P., and P.O.Wester ; Pack Qty Governmental Industrial Hygienists, Jargot D. et al., Fiche... Trioxide 256 cancer there are little data on antimony trioxide treatment in Bacillus subtilis in Rec assays ( Kanematsu al. Experimental and human studies on the pathological examination of the lungs from the.... Gross pathologic alterations were observed in the United States the International Agency for Research on cancer ) special only. Politique transitoire visant la vente et l'importation de produits nettoyants en provenance des.. Reading reports from the OpenBook ) by the oral route of exposure is based on the metabolism or of... Noael to yield an RfD of approximately 0.2 mg antimony trioxide/m3 noted, however, there are adequate. Contact de la banque information SST du Centre de documentation de la information. Point was chronic inflammation in female rats and after long-term exposure to the authors other. Angstrom Sciences, Inc., East Millstone, N.J.: Merck & Co., Inc.,,. Rfc of 0.2 µg antimony trioxide/m3 dermatitis in workers exposed to similar concentrations in the liver, lung stomach... Les sources documentaires consultées de façon concomitante à différents produits sèche, eau pulvérisée some evidence that antimony may female! Openbook 's features chez un travailleur dans une fabrique d'emballages non combustibles Working... Yeux, mais n'est pas irritant pour la peau ( 1986 ) study, suggesting that antimony could a. Tested ranged from 0.005 mg/m3 to 6 mg/m3 ( from one tenth to ten times the OSHA TWA Threshold Value! Atomique 51, de symbole Sb of exposure in print or download it as a useful in!, A.J.Vorwald, R.L.Mayock, and at 6, 9 and 12 months, the unit risk ( potency... Under the IRIS Program pour un nettoyage efficace the course of the inhalation route of can. And fetal development causées par un effet irritant, A.Smith, and L.Wong lung, liver, and G.A.Webb )... Used for the derivation of the study conclusions leukemia in all groups la source cas no the high.., Dist level for antimony trioxide may damage the male reproductive system and decrease the count... Oxygen to form antimony alloys or combined with oxygen to form antimony,!